Pictured: Anthony von Seck as Shirley and Roselyn Kelada-Sedra as Tegan  Photo by Devon Slack

Pictured: Anthony von Seck as Shirley and Roselyn Kelada-Sedra as Tegan

Photo by Devon Slack

Meet Tegan Ledault

Pictured: Roselyn Kelada-Sedra as Tegan. Photos by Devon Slack.


Tegan is 30 years old, and she's starting a job as an articling student. Surrounded by 25-year-olds who've been in school since kindergarten, Tegan is struggling to prove herself in the highly competitive market of Toronto lawyers. If she survives 10 months of working around the clock for Shirley, a principal with no sense of boundaries, then she becomes a lawyer.

Can she keep all the plates in her life spinning? Tegan is an artist. As an actor, she can't guarantee money, stability or success. If she becomes a lawyer, she can provide for her mother.  What drives her through doing both is her refusal to face the possibility of failing. 

meet harrison robert shirley

Pictured: Anthony von Seck as Shirley. Photos by Devon Slack


Just call him "Bob." Shirley has been running his law firm for decades. At Harrison Shirley Law Offices, the order of the day is devotion. Court is his battlefield, and he loves no place better than his office. 

The law, to Shirley, is a calling. Whatever time it is, whatever the task, he expects commitment. Any of his underlings know the drill: 7 a.m. to 1 a.m., they're on the clock. Weekends don't exist. But if they prove themselves, they'll get to do the work of a real lawyer - draft pleadings, work with clients, go to court. Shirley does things his way and expects everyone else to fall in line. 

Shirley's lost some people in his life, and he's a mixed bag of cruel and generous. What he wants is a protegée, but she'd better prove she's worthy.  

Meet Zoe Wray

Zoe Wray is Tegan's best friend and the consummate actress. She is talented, fierce & castable. Zoe has this unshakable confidence that goes to the root of why she and Tegan are so different. Zoe goes with her gut and trusts that the universe will back her. And it does.  Her strength and radiance is a source of wonder and envy to women around her. 

Zoe and Tegan grew up together, and they know each other inside-out. They have each other's backs, but there's friction between them. They just don’t understand each other in fundamental ways. But the way they let go together, you know they love each other right to the core.